HPC™ Affiliate Management - Tips to Choosing an Affiliate Agency

It is imperative to have strong relationships with affiliates in the affiliate marketing channel. Here are a few things to consider.

Question - Why would I hire an agency over internal employees?

Answer - You can have a team of experienced managers, recruiter's graphic designer, and social media team for the cost of 1 internal employee, we can save you thousands of dollars by you outsourcing to HPC™ Management. Another important factor is our database of affiliate partners, we have a 16 + year head start building affiliate relationships and working with technologies on anyone you could hire, we have access to metrics and tools that your internal employees do not, as an agency we see metrics in many affiliate network accounts so we know what affiliate super partners performance levels are across multiple verticals and multiple networks. Your internal employees will only have access to your account making them siloed.

Question - Why does HPC™ management not take commission on sales but only charges a flat rate monthly management fee?

Answer - Affiliates want to work with an agency who will not take a cut of their sales commission, this shows the affiliates that the agency will only work on reputable affiliate relationships and protect their commissions from affiliates who could otherwise be let in the program to increase sales though are performing nefarious tactics. We negotiate your monthly management fee to fit your budget and have no hidden or increased fees like other agencies.

Question - We want a digital marketing agency to manage our affiliate and social media channels, why should we choose one agency to manage both?

Answer - Hiring one agency to manage your affiliate program as well as your social media or search accounts allows a smooth product work flow for your brand message and communications between our teams. It also allows us to see into the metrics of the channels and assists us in leveraging each channel as well as monitoring of affiliates within both channels. Optimization happens when an agency with experience has more visibility into your traffics multi channel metrics.

Question - What should my commission rate be? Is there a standard commission rate in the affiliate industry?

Answer - Your brand is unique and so should your affiliate programs terms and conditions. There is a no such thing as an industry standard for commissions, the fashion vertical is very different from the sports vertical (as an example). You want to ensure you are in the right affiliate network and have the right mix of affiliate media as well as conditions based on research of your competitors affiliate programs. An agency such as HPC Management will be able to assist you in gaining affiliate network launch discounts, and doing the research to determine your best mix of conditions to build your affiliate program.

Question - What should I look for in an agency as far as warning signs?

Answer - If an agency can't brand and market themselves consistently in social media and the other channels then that should be a warning sign. The agencies reputation is also important, affiliates want to work with an agency that launches profitable programs, communicates and negotiates special offers and monitors affiliates to ensure TOA's are maintained.

1. Check out the agencies Instagram account do they have attractive, branded, consistant posts? Do they dominate their own market space? If not, then how do you expect them to dominate yours? Check their other social media accounts also

2. Is the agencies blog up to date? Or have they not posted in months? This really shows their internal organization as well as team bandwidth.

3. Google them and look for any negative search returns

4. SEO where does their site rank as far as their competitors?

5. Their contract should benefit you under section 101 of the copyright law as far as you owning all media and products under a work for hire agreement with them. They should outline EXACTLY what they will do to prove their work performance for the budget and its allocation.

What if I have other questions?

Answer - Reach out to HPC management for a free affiliate marketing consultation, speak with an expert before you jump into a one year affiliate network contract. EMAIL US HERE!

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