Interview with Heather Paulson President HPC™ – Heather Paulson Consulting, Inc.

Katrina Interview with Heather Paulson President HPC – Heather Paulson Consulting, Inc.


Ms. Paulson, tell us about your latest adventure.

I took a couple of years sabbatical after selling my last digital marketing agency Paulson Management Group Inc, which primarily focused on affiliate marketing, to build an off grid permaculture farm in Hawaii. I think it’s important to take the time to have an adventure once in awhile! The experience was a fantastic opportunity to step back from my work and career and reevaluate processes and how to better develop strategies for clients. It also exposed me to quality nature and “get healthy” time to rejuvenate my focus as well as prepare me for this next adventure of developing HPC - Heather Paulson Consulting, Inc.

What would you say to people in the industry who thought that you had retired for good?

I would say that retiring so young when you’re still passionate about your work is not a choice I would make again. We built the Unitrac™ multi network tracking system at my last affiliate marketing agency and I can’t stop thinking about how much more we can do with that tech as well as other technologies in the affiliate space. There is room for progress and I am passionate about affiliate marketing as well as multi channel analytics and the potentials for what can still be and needs to be developed.

What would you say are your three strongest attributes and how do they help you in your line of work?

My multi-dimensional experience is what distinguishes my way of approaching strategies for launching a successful affiliate program, one foot in tech another in advertising and media. Having worked on hundreds of affiliate and other digital accounts over the last 16 years, I’ve acquired deep insight on the metrics, case studies, and strategies used across verticals by the top e-commerce networks in the industry. Additionally, I consider my broad understanding of technologies in the digital and affiliate marketing space, as well as how to negotiate and leverage those on behalf of my clients, to be among my most superlative attributes.

What would you consider your greatest achievement thus far in your career?

I think the greatest achievement has been to know when to step back and return charged and on fire! In the digital marketing space, we are constantly learning new apps, new technologies, and new developments. To be an effective internet marketer—or continue to have a successful career in any space for that matter—it’s important to take a breath and consider your clarity and health.

What is your reputation within the industry, and how do you maintain trust and candor with your clientele?

HPC is currently accepting clients interested in our affiliate management services. We accept clients based on their sites conversionary data, the brand, and the site funnel process as well as the communication concerning promotions and offers which all have to be in alignment for affiliate marketing to work. Affiliate partners trust that we will launch an affiliate program with conversion in mind and they know we launch affiliate programs that are worth their marketing efforts. Our affiliate team also includes promotional and affiliate contests, which make working with the HPC affiliate management team fun and rewarding for affiliates. As an example, we are currently hosting an affiliate contests such as the Spring Fling for our clients. Affiliate Marketing is my passion it combines MultiChannel elements which make it fun!

What, if anything, can you reveal about your ambitions moving forward?

Currently, our office in Manhattan Beach is scaling and we are right in the heart of the new tech start up atmosphere which is growing in Los Angeles. Our plans are to leverage applications such as the multi network integrations reporting we just on boarded for clients. Additionally, we will harness the power of CPM and CPA-based marketplaces that are opening up that includes influencers as well as affiliate marketers in the mobile and video space. This is an exciting time to be in digital marketing and I anticipate 2017 to be an amazing year for technological progress in our space. I’m also looking forward to collaborating amongst fellow industry leaders at Affiliate Summit July East 2017 in New York.

Do you live by a personal mantra or quote?

“There is no box” ;-)


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