FlowerMoonbyKittoune Affiliate Program in ShareaSale

FlowermoonbyKittoune.com has a magical jewelry affiliate program in ShareaSale and is currently offering a 25% Commission for each sale. Affiliates who inspire to programs with retail merchants with custom handcrafted jewelry will love the big commission as well as honoring your traffic with such lovely real flower jewelry. Super affiliate partners your consumer traffic might have seen FlowerMoonbyKittoune.com which has been published in national fashion/lifestyle magazines including OK! and Redbook. FlowerMoonbyKittoune.com preserves each flower in resin to perpetuate its magic, as well they also hand dye their cords. Affiliate partners! We know you love PPC and you are welcome to direct link your traffic with this program. YES hit the long tail with KW mixes including; rings, necklaces, bracelet, earrings, and check out the navigable flower type as well. Get your imagination blossoming with this affiliate program in ShareaSale. Sign up now and market this amazing fashion jewelry retailer


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