GoGreenSolar Affiliate Program in ShareaSale + PayperCall

GoGreenSolar Affiliate Program in ShareaSale! Make money & protect the environment from your website traffic! Team up with the #1 green energy website GoGreenSolar.com.

Why GoGreenSolar?

GoGreenSolar are experienced Solar Veterans, packaging solar kits since 2006. Their work has been featured on CBS, NBC and USA Today, and they are a local American-grown company based in California. Affiliate incentives include 3% commission on every sale you bring in. Solar kits are around $4000+ so average commission is $350.00 or MORE!

Additional Benefits Include:

* 3% Sales Commission

* $5.00 for a qualified lead

* $50 for a qualified Pay per call lead from California

* Excellent inventory:

* GoGreenSolar.com negotiates directly with renewable energy suppliers to secure access to superior high quality inventory.

* All order processing is handled by GoGreenSolar.com

* Explosive growth! Annual compound growth rate for solar energy is 30%+

* Strong affiliate support through HPC dedicated affiliate management team

* Regular data-feed of all products through ShareaSale affiliate network

* YES paid search affiliates are welcome to direct link using affiliate links!

2017 may be the best year to go solar! The end of 2016 saw a sudden plunge in hardware cost, making it the perfect time to buy. Joining the GoGreenSolar.com Affiliate program enables you to Leverage the GoGreenSolar.com brand to help your website visitors go green and reduce their energy bills.

Pro actively managed by the affiliate management team of HPC- Heather Paulson Consulting Inc. Sign up!

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