Synchronizing Affiliate - Search - Social Media Channels

What keywords are your highest converting at the lowest CPC? Does your affiliate team have that information so they can add those keywords as non compete KW'S in your affiliate channel? Does your social media team know what those keywords are so they can add or use variances of those keywords as hashtags in social channels?

How quickly and efficiently can you deploy highly converting digital assets, adverts, mobile ads, contextual advertising that are organized by offer type to the right audience who is linked to the right page through the right channel?

Other Considerations for Hiring an Agency Synching Promotions and Offers Intra Channel Ensuring SM Channels have SEO Optimized Assets Project Management and DAM Solution Managed by Agency Monitoring and Managing Affiliates More Effectively Cross Pollination of Keywords to Optimize Channels with Best of Breed converting KW'S

Synchronizing your affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, and social media marketing initiatives is paramount to brand voice consistency and sales growth for all channels. A cost effective solution is of course hiring an agency who has a team, has the tools, and has the organization process control systems to manage all of this for your brand.

Let's get 2017 in Synch - Join us ...

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