Launching Your First Affiliate Program? We've Got You!

I have performed thousands of affiliate launches in my career for many retail verticals including: Jewelry, Fashion, Makeup, Electronics, Toys, etc. The first question a new client who is launching their first affiliate program asks me is, "what is the industry average commission?" There is nothing average about affiliate marketing or affiliate programs. Strategy comes into play before we launch an affiliate program by designing a program that is as unique as the brand!

Every merchant has different margins, shipping and warehousing considerations as well as brand voice + brand style guides. Considering all of these factors as well as others is imperative to creating an affiliate program that is unique, attractive to affiliates and honors your brand growth and sales goals.

We impart creative strategies around affiliates commission structure, promotional methodologies and harnessing the variety of affiliate marketing types by developing engaging consumer content and media for all of our affiliate partners. Let me know if you want to get on the phone for a free consultation concerning the launch of your affiliate program join us ...

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