SunJack® Solar Charger Affiliate Program NEWS is taking a stand at Standing Rock! The owner of Harold Tan will be sending SunJack® solar chargers to a SunJack® representative who is out there to receive them and hand them out to Standing Rock water protectors in December. SunJack® Solar Chargers are lightweight water proof and portable and can charge any USB device. It is very important water protectors have access to free power to keep their iPhone's and other devices charged so they can keep the cameras rolling. "It's important Water Protectors are able to gain access to free power to ensure their devices stay charged." Said Harold. "SunJack® has a representative at Standing Rock to hand out for free as many SunJack® Solar Chargers as we can, which is why we are offering a 20% discount with any purchase of SunJack® Solar charges with code standingrock until December 25th. Proceeds from the sale will go towards the purchase of SunJack® solar chargers for water protectors at Standing Rock." If your interested in being an affiliate partner for SunJack® the affiliate program is in LinkShare sign up here

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