Fashion Forward Affiliate Marketing Style

Images are an important factor in advertising. In online advertising we have seconds to capture eye path. Those of us who have experience with media for over a decade and remember all the multi variant tests for hundreds of clients have seen data that is invaluable! Yeah we all know the hero shot, we know humans are attracted to other human faces; but that engagement button and promo really need to be there!

It's not so much about the promotion offering (I think we are all sick of free shipping tests) but the PLACEMENT of the offer statement ON the media and within the contextual advertising that gives us that click. Only experience can sharpen your media right out of the gate in any online channel. It takes years of testing many verticals to know what works with media. And if your field placements are not right well then... You missed that click!

Affiliate marketers are attracted to affiliate programs that are managed with media in mind. If the affiliates (Most of whom are very seasoned marketers) do not see the value statement and or proper media they will not spend their money marketing a program.

A great affiliate management team KNOWS THIS! A great affiliate team will have optimized media (Not just banners) but also SEO KW injected textual ads. A great affiliate team will be ready to serve up merchant advertising content through the network.

Creating consumer curiosity, standing out from the crowd, get their attention. Now!

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