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Heather Paulson started her career as a web developer and website designer. She founded EOMI, a web development and design company in 1996. She held the position as the Director of Marketing Services for PartnerCentric. Under her guidance of the SEO services, the company received recognition as one of Promotion World’s Top 10 SEO companies in the United States.


Ms. Paulson has held the position of Vice President of Galasource, as well as has held the position of Director of Online Marketing for Global Scholar. Ms. Paulson was hired by Microsoft's ISEM team to develop their internal best practice strategies, as well as to teach the ISEM team the PPC segmentation and clustering methods that Ms. Paulson developed and utilized for paid search strategies.

In 2006 at eComXpo, Ms. Paulson introduced the affiliate community to ARM (Affiliate Relationship Management), a process for identifying and grouping affiliates for more streamlined communications within a large affiliate program. Ms. Paulson created this process when she held the position of Affiliate Marketing Director at X10 Wireless Technologies. In 2005 she had increased X10’s three affiliate network programs into a 300% sales increase and also increased the paid search channels sales by more than 260%.

Ms. Paulson has years of experience initiating and managing online lead generation, retail sales and CPA, CPC, and CPM e-business model strategies for many Fortune 500 e-retailers that have media budgets over $20 million annually. Ms. Paulson has worked in many verticals, including education, finance, retail, beauty, electronics, children's, and health.


Ms. Paulson has worked as a consultant and or contractor on thousands of e-business accounts over the last 16+ years. She is an affiliate marketing veteran, being a major player in the industry since 1998, establishing countless relationships within both the affiliate and search industries.

In 2006, Ms. Paulson founded PMG (Paulson Management Group), it would become one of the largest affiliate management agencies worldwide with offices in Colorado and England. She would sell the company in 2014 to pursue outside interests.

​in 2016, Ms. Paulson, reignited by her passion for the development of her new affiliate marketing technology Unitrac.io, developed HPC Management Inc. a dynamic company that is soon to be one of the leading affiliate management agencies in the United States. and in 2018 founded affiliate.fyi


Learn more at www.HPCManagement.co

Heather Paulson Areas of Expertise

Search engine marketing

Search engine optimization

Pay per click

Affiliate marketing

Online marketing & advertising

Email marketing

Multi-channel marketing

Viral marketing

Online lead generation

Mobile marketing

Social media marketing

user interface design

Google technologies

Web analytics

Google analytics

Online monetization

Customer acquisition

Digital strategy

Brand management

Market planning

Keyword research

Conversion optimization

Client relations management

Creative direction






Honored as an Affiliate Marketing Legend Award nominee for Affiliate Summit's Pinnacle Awards                               2010

Featured in the January 2009 cover/ Issue of FeedFront Magazine                                                                               2009

Nominated as a FAB member of the Performance Marketing Association                                                                      2008

Honorary recipient of the ACC Certified Affiliate Managers Course                                                                                2008

Council Member of Gerson Lehrman Group                                                                                                                    2007

Appointed to the advisory board for Affiliate Classroom                                                                                                 2007

Appointed to the Affiliate Summit advisory board                                                                                                            2006

PromotionWorld.com recognized PartnerCentric as one of the Top 10 SEO companies                                                2006

Recipient of three Golden Web Awards for e-commerce user interface design                                                             2005

Featured in the July 2005 issue of Revenue Magazine                                                                                                   2005



2008 Heather Paulson was invited to become a member of The Internet Old timers Foundation


Heather is the proud recipient of three Golden Web Awards for e-commerce user interface design

Ms Paulson has also successfully passed the Google Certified professionals examination three times!

2010 Heather Paulson was honored as an Affiliate Marketing Legend Award nominee for Affiliate Summit's Pinnacle Awards



Ms. Paulson was featured in the July 2005 issue of Revenue Magazine

Ms. Paulson was featured in the JAN 2009 cover/Issue of FeedFront Magazine


Publications – Speaking

2017 Advanced Affiliate Marketing Strategies, Ms. Paulson had the highest attendance of any speaker at the Affiliate Summit event.

Ms. Paulson is the writer of the Wired Column for Women's Magazine of Boulder

Heather was previously a blogger on www.revenews.com

She is an active presenter and speaker concerning search marketing and affiliate marketing strategies at many industry wide events including eComXpo, AffiliateSummit.com, AffiliateConvention.com AffiliateClassroomLive.com and enjoys e-Marketing Association and Ad Tech events.



Ms Paulson holds a BSB/Marketing from University of Phoenix

Ms Paulson has a unfinished Masters of e Business from Ellis College - New York Institute of technology

Microsoft user specialist certification

Honorary recipient of the ACC Certified Affiliate Managers Course 

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